Gone are the days of marketing your business alone!

We truly believe that great work doesn’t just “happen,” it’s born out of inspiration, trust, and collaboration. With this in mind, we begin every partnership with a strategy and an audit of existing activities. Then we configure every email marketing campaign with the end goal in mind – focusing on customer retention and relationship building. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the main tools used to communicate and engage with customers, offering information about new products or services, events, global trends, and lead generation. 

Drip Campaigns

If you want to keep new leads engaged with your business, drip campaign’s is a great solution. Drip campaigns allow you to automatically send pre-written emails when subscribers take certain actions or arrive at various stages of the buying process.

List Development & Segmentation 

We can help build a subscriber list (data) from scratch or help expand – or clean up inactive subscribers – from your current list.  Once there is enough data to segment properly, we’ll aptly construct list segments and send personalized content.

Reporting & Analytics

By continually testing, optimizing and reporting on marketing efforts, we will help you stay ahead of your competitors. We create action-oriented reports. This means, we take your analytics and come up with an action plan for the next month or quarter.

We Can Also Help You With

Domain and Website Creation

From simple to complex, our design team can create, host, and/or optimize your website. It’s easy to adjust or add to your site as your business grows, and we can help with that.

Common Questions

Email marketing is a common and effective method to communicate with customers. Despite the rise of social media and unsolicited spam email (which is never a good marketing strategy, by the way), email remains the most effective way to nurture leads and turn them into customers.
Drip campaigns are automated processes that send a set of messages to leads at the right moment to move them through the sales funnel. Drip campaigns allow you to consistently “touch” leads with relevant information based on time intervals, actions taken by prospects on your website, or other parameters, freeing up valuable marketing and sales resources without neglecting your prospects. Some examples of drip campaigns include automated email messaging, product and service promotions, shopping cart abandonment, re-engagement, and triggered email campaigns.
A marketing funnel is created when you send a series of emails to achieve a specific goal. These include nurturing a relationship with your subscribers, educating potential customers on the benefits of a service or product and pushing contacts to make a purchase decision.
It's simple, if you have a subscriber and/or customer list with emails, then you have data. Or maybe it is not so simple. If you do not own a copious subscriber list, don't worry, we can help you build an organic subscriber list.
At the basic level, it is exactly what it sounds like -- you break up your contact lists into smaller segments and cut and combine them in a number of different ways. We can go into further detail during our initial call.
Absolutely, we can customize a package that will accommodate your marketing needs. Simply let us know what you need and we can start from there.
During our initial strategy call we will discuss your past and current marketing efforts, marketing goals, and brainstorm ideas on how we can start, scale or optimize your email marketing.
A/B testing emails means sending two slightly different emails to your readers (an A version and a B version) to see which one garners more engagement.